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Stratacuity’s Top 15 Ingredients For The Best Biopharma Recruitment Company In Boston

Stratacuity celebrated its 15-year anniversary in 2016. It was founded to find better biopharma candidates for clients—candidates dedicated to making a difference scientifically. It continues in this mission today, and the mission is one ingredient in Stratacuity’s vision to be the best biopharma recruitment company in Boston. Stratacuity Cofounder Patrick Marshall has 15 more.

  1. Have unbridled passion and belief in the value of the service you provide.
  2. Follow a process and a plan every day of the week.
  3. Be frugal but never cheap.
  4. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to business outside of your core focus areas. Stay focused and do what you do well.
  5. Be the consummate networker—leverage your relationships to help others get what they want or need.
  6. Embrace the life-saving importance behind each client you serve.
  7. Risk “over communicating” to ensure a perfect fit for your client and candidate.
  8. Nurture an inclusive, productive and fun work environment—complete with awesome out-of-the-office events and celebrations!
  9. Hire the very best people. Provide them the with the tools, training and compensation to ensure their success and professional growth. Genuinely care about them as people, recognizing their contributions big and small.
  10. Walk the walk. Generously give your time, talents and money to causes and organizations that represent your values and passions…encourage others to do the same.
  11. Make a conscious effort to serve your clients better every year. Seek honest feedback and track your improvements.
  12. Be consistent in your treatment of clients and candidates. Commit to core values. Stratacuity values Purpose, Relationships, Excellence, Expertise, Integrity.
  13. Don't try to be a master of all things. Know what you're good at and do it well. Stratacuity knows Discovery, Technical Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Operations.
  14. Meet every candidate and client in person. Strive to maintain and grow relationships within your area of expertise.
  15. Seek first to understand then be understood.


Hiring Zone

Recent Placements By Stratacuity

  • Rare Genetic Disease Associate (Contract), Cambridge, MA. Clinical-stage company treating cancer and rare disease
  • Director CMC Regulatory Affairs (Contract), Cambridge, MA. Clinical-stage immunotherapy company developing new class of human vaccines
  • Donor Operations Associate (Contract), Cambridge, MA. Clinical-stage therapeutics company making a critical difference in patients’ lives
  • Sr. Research Associate, Microbiology Discovery, Cambridge, MA. Stealth-mode small molecule and biologics company with innovative new medicines 
  • Sr. Research Associate, Strain Engineer, Boston, MA. Biotech building a foundry for organism engineering
  • Sr. Scientist, Computational Biology, Greater Boston Area. New biotech using a unique gene regulation platform for drug discovery
  • Associate Director / Principal Scientist, Discovery Biology, Greater Boston Area. Biotechnology company pioneering new cancer medicines


News To Use

Meet Julian Frey, Stratacuity’s New Associate Director, Clinical Operations & Regulatory


Stratacuity is thrilled to introduce new team member Julian Frey, Associate Director, Clinical Operations & Regulatory. Frey joined Stratacuity in late 2016, after 12 years at Stiles Associates, where he most recently served as Director of Executive Search. He spent much of his career at Stiles in retained executive search for high-stakes programs across several verticals, including healthcare.

“Companies hired us to build out teams of best-in-class individuals who were charged with transforming their industries,” Frey explains.

Frey says he is looking forward to bringing that experience to Stratacuity’s pharmaceutical industry clients. “There’s now a paradigm shift in pharma and we’re beginning to see a call for transformation,” he says. “In some companies, new senior management is coming in to drive cross-group collaboration and change. Drug development needs to be faster and less expensive.”

Why Stratacuity?

Frey was excited about joining Stratacuity for the opportunity to work in a rapidly-changing industry, but that wasn’t all.

“Frankly, Patrick’s (Marshall) great work in Cystic Fibrosis drew me in,” he says. “I had reached a point in my career where I wanted to be part of something that was bigger than me.”

In his new adventure, Frey will be working with Jennifer Price heading up permanent placements in the Clinical Operations and Regulatory Affairs practice. He will be placing director and VP-level candidates, an area which demands special care and attention.

“Highly experienced individuals with a track record are getting several calls from recruiters daily, so they are just inundated,” he observes. “Stratacuity has an advantage in that we offer a consultative approach and we have deep contacts in the industry, which gives us credibility over other firms.”

When not at work?

Frey and his wife just completed a major renovation of their home in Portsmouth, an 1850s-era house, which he says is “charming but a lot of work.” He is active in Families First, a local New Hampshire charity, and enjoys going to the coast in his time off.

Julian would love to hear from you. He can be reached at