Portsmouth, NH- April 11, 2018- Stratacuity and the Boston Postdoctoral Association (BPDA) are excited to announce a partnership that will help the best and brightest scientific minds in the Greater Boston area take their talents to the biotech community and help deliver therapies to patients in need.

The BPDA’s postdoctoral scientists are excited at the idea of improving treatment outcomes for patients,” says Sarah Dykstra, leader of the Boston Postdoctoral Association. “Our new partnership with Stratacuity is a wonderful opportunity to bring highly motivated, highly trained researchers to work on the toughest problems in Biotech and Pharma. We’re pleased to partner with Stratacuity to leverage their deep expertise to connect Boston’s best Biotech talent with companies whose missions are to develop life-changing therapies for patients.”

“It’s a partnership that makes a lot of sense,” says Erik Rocheford, Director Business Development at Stratacuity,  “we have been providing career counseling to these talented scientists for years as an organization and have created customized programming for BPDA events over the last few years.  With this partnership, we can step up that effort and help the next wave of drug hunters navigate the waters that are Boston biotech hiring.  Purpose is one of our core values.  Our purpose is to bring therapies to patients by bringing talented scientists to companies. We can think of no one better to help with that mission than Sarah and the BPDA.”

About the BPDA

The BPDA is a regional coalition of postdoc associations and postdoc representatives from 17 Boston area Postdoctoral Associations.  Our aim is to foster a sense of community, encourage increased communication, and aid in creating a collaborative environment among postdocs by advocacy efforts and organizing social and career development events to bring together postdocs across the Greater Boston Area.  Specifically, the BPDA is committed to the training of early career researchers in preparation for the jobs of tomorrow.  These efforts include bi-monthly networking nights, courses, career panels, symposia and now this partnership with Stratacuity. For more information please visit us at http://bostonpostdocs.org/ or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Stratacuity

Stratacuity, a division of Apex Life Sciences, is a leading Boston-area scientific placement firm that partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to provide retained, contingency, and contract/consulting resources. Born in 2000 out of a profound and personal need to understand and battle Cystic Fibrosis, we make it a point to know and care about the cures our clients seek. Stratacuity was built to find better people who are dedicated to making a difference scientifically, and that ideal guides every step in our placement process. We connect companies to candidates, candidates to careers, and careers to scientific advancement. For more information please visit us at www.stratacuity.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Proven Scientific Placement™ (NYSE: ASGN)

Stratacuity Media Contact:

Susi MacDonald 603-766-0600 x122


BPDA Media Contact:

Sarah Dykstra, Sarah.Dykstra@tufts.edu