Cambridge Based Biotech Partners with Stratacuity for Payroll Needs

Cambridge Based Biotech Partners with Stratacuity for Payroll Needs

A fast growing Cambridge based biopharmaceutical client, recently found themselves in the common and confusing position of needing to payroll several scientists who were consulting for them directly (not full time employees).  They needed a payroll partner who could meet or exceed three requirements:

  1. Provide proven solution that was compliant with Federal & State employment laws
  2. Offer competitive benefits to their full time staff.  
  3. Was easy to implement and manage. 

With so many forms, weekly/monthly/yearly reporting requirements, frequent changes in healthcare law, limited time, not to mention the nuances of the biopharmaceutical industry it simply made sense to outsource this responsibility to Stratacuity.

“As a small biopharmaceutical company with limited resources, we need to make sure everyone on our team feels appreciated while always making sure we’re in compliance with HR laws. Using Stratacuity as our payroll partner allows us to focus on doing our jobs because we know all the details associated with hiring an employee will be handled.”

Our clients positive past experience with Stratacuity as a staffing partner made it easy for their Director of Human Resources to select us as their payroll partner. I’ve used other firms but in the end we felt partnering with a biopharmaceutical focused payroll firm was extremely valuable to us.”

Aimee, our Director of Finance and Operations, is dedicated to making this service simple and fast, helping our partner companies run more smoothly by handling all the complexities of temporary payrolling.  “I enjoy talking with her. She’s sincerely friendly, conscientious, and knowledgeable on all matters associated with temporary payroll.  If there’s ever been an issue or a change in employment law, she proactively reaches out to me to make sure that everyone is on the same page. There’s never a hiccup plus she’s just easy and fun to do business with!”

With a high level of service and attention to detail, you can be assured an enjoyable and error free experience. 

Stratacuity is one of the few companies we like to partner with for hiring related matters because all they do is biopharma staffing and recruitment.  They speak our language and they really care.”

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