For some, recruiting top talent feels like a never-ending challenge, but here at Stratacuity, we have this process down to a science. Helping you identify, attract and land top talent is what we do best, and we are here to help. We truly enjoy sharing some of our critical recruiting tips that will help you hire the best.

| Top 3 Candidate Frustrations That Are Costing You Talent |

The biggest frustration among candidates is the lack of communication in general from the companies they submit applications to. Remember: no one will ever be accused of over-communicating. No one is going to be bothered because you share too much information or be disaffected because you proactively reach out to schedule a first interview or phone call.  It is better to err on the side of over communicating your thoughts, vision, and values too often, than too little.

The second biggest frustration in today’s candidates is job postings that are too long or too ambiguous.  Polish your job postings!  In order to entice the best, top-notch candidates, you must draw them in with a well thought out job description. It can be easy to hastily throw something together when you are eager to find candidates, and while a sense of urgency is important in the recruiting world, it is important to think the job description through before publishing it.

Job descriptions should not only detail the job responsibilities in clear language but also promote the company culture and benefits. Try to keep it relatively short, while being concise. The vast majority of active and passive candidates are looking at postings on their smartphone or tablet.  Many will not scroll to the bottom; they look for what catches their eye, and move on.

Job postings should be thought of in the same way content marketing is thought of. These are considered “hard sell” content that helps build, develop and strengthen your company’s brand.  The potential to attract top talent is high when the power of the job board is fully realized. Do not turn off top talent with long, drawn out, unclear postings.

The third frustration is lack of compensation data.  Depending on the client, it is difficult to publish this in the posting for many positions, but this conversation should occur early in the interview process because this can often be a deal breaker for company and candidate.

By addressing these three frustrations and returning to the basics of communicating with applicants, attraction of qualified candidates will increase, as will the company image.  It will not only increase the likelihood of attracting the BEST talent, it will increase you referrals for other talent!