Proven Process

  • Meet our clients. We meet our clients in person to learn the company culture and the soft skills required to succeed.
  • Know the opportunity. By obtaining complete job specifications, encompassing both hard and soft skills, we better match candidates to your opportunity.
  • Leverage our deep network. Assembly of a complete list of potential candidates from our deep scientific network ensures you have the best selection of candidates.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews. Uncovering personal drivers and soft skills is a must. Only candidates who align with your goals are selected for a deep dive interview, and many fewer are selected for representation to your opportunity.
  • Select the best. Our process narrows the field of candidates to a select few. We check references prior to representation, meet candidates to ensure a cultural match, and ensure the candidate knows your story before the CV hits your desk.
  • Communicate actively. We know you and our candidate's thoroughly, and you can rely on our expertise to guide you through the selection process.
  • Facilitate the right hire.  Our goal is to make sure you hire the right candidate. We are expert at understanding what’s going on in the heads we hunt, and that helps you find candidates who are as passionate about your goals as you are.

Search Methodology

Our industry experienced team proactively searches for the best candidates—people not actively looking but open to opportunities. Coupling our extensive database and deep referral network with a proprietary recruitment method enables us to recruit more than twice the amount of candidates accessible through ordinary means, giving you the most complete selection of candidates possible.


When you need the best to work for you, seek the best to work with you.  Our commitment and experience, coupled with a thorough candidate qualification process enables us to match just the right hire to the right opportunity. We do more work up front to ensure you succeed in hiring your candidate of choice. And the results speak for itself. 

  • Our submittal-to-interview ratio is 44% (To put that into perspective, that’s 4.4 interviews for every 10 resumes submitted).
  • Our offer-to-acceptance ratio is more than 90%, saving our clients valuable time, energy and money.
  • We have placed over 3,000 candidates into exceptional opportunities.
  • We have worked with more than 100 companies, 94% of which come back and keep doing business with us on a regular basis.

Services We Provide

Stratacuity offers four distinct and flexible services to fit your exact needs.

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