Stratacuity, a leader in biotech & pharmaceutical recruiting, has once again showcased its adeptness at pairing top-tier talent with challenging roles. Tasked to find a Director, Clinical Research Scientist with expertise in Oncology / Immuno-oncology, Stratacuity had to navigate the complexities of technical ability and cultural fit for a company focused on innovative clinical development.

Using their extensive network and thorough evaluation process, the Stratacuity team, led by Jennifer Price, identified and presented 10 candidates in just 4 weeks. Their dedication to grasping the distinct culture and specific needs of the role resulted in a prompt candidate selection for interviews by the client, ultimately leading to a successful hire.

The new hire exceeded expectations in leading clinical studies, protocol development, and ensuring robust trial execution. Their scientific acumen and collaborative approach dovetailed with the clients cross-functional environment.

This placement not only solved an immediate need for the company but also promised to bolster long-term clinical strategy with the added value of a perfect cultural fit. Stratacuity’s expertise in specialized clinical roles was confirmed once more, demonstrating a clear understanding of the sector’s nuanced hiring needs.
-Proven Scientific Placement