A well-established Boston area biotech focused on curing metastatic melanoma was ready to expand their scientific team, and after months of unsuccessfully searching for the right candidate and an FDA deadline looming, they decided it was time to look to a firm of recruiting & staffing professionals. With a compressed timeline, this company knew that Stratacuity had the network and horsepower to find a Toxicology leader for their scientific team.

When we asked the hiring manager at this company what he found most attractive about our processes and Stratacuity as a company, he said, “The process moved quickly however there were no times when I felt quality of screening was compromised.  I also felt that although the schedule for the search was carefully mapped out right from the first meeting, I never felt like I was being rushed to the next stage.”

Stratacuity consulted extensively to understand goals, existing structure, culture and personalities. During the selection process, we carefully screened all candidates, ensuring that they would match all requirements. We invested considerable time in explaining the company’s science, philosophies and objections to each candidate and vetting them against expectations and cultural fit.

The scientific requirements are always a challenge but in this company, the cultural fit with our parent company is very important.  Stratacuity was able to find us someone experienced with Japanese parent companies and that has been critical to his success.”

By leveraging our deep pool of exceptional talent, as well as proprietary recruitment methods, Stratacuity was able to find the perfect candidate in a short amount of time, resulting in a satisfied client and candidate. Not all searches go as smoothly as this one.  I have worked with a number of search firms over the years.  I was particularly impressed with Stratacuity’s ability to work backwards from the target start date and work toward milestones.  I think it was this organizational ability that allowed us to land the right candidate in such a short time frame.  In addition, the qualification process was the most complete I have ever seen.  Stratacuity knew their candidates very well and this made coming to agreement an easy process.  Overall, the entire search was embedded with a sense of openness to tell me the good and the bad in a manner that helped us assess the candidate.  I am very pleased with the outcome of the search and know we hired a very promising candidate.”