Stratacuity is privileged to partner with some of the most exciting and growing Biopharmaceutical companies in the Greater Boston area to help them find success in hiring the highest caliber talent in the industry. Recently, Stratacuity has collaborated with a very early stage biologics focused company in Cambridge, MA ready to grow their first scientific lab team.

This particular company came to Stratacuity by referral as they were told “we are the best in the business”.  The hiring manager said that all hires through Stratacuity have had “great attitudes and have the ability to jump in and are productive within a few weeks of training.”

When asked how Stratacuity’s services are helping save time and increase productivity he said:

“We don’t have to take the required time to screen hundreds of resumes; Stratacuity handles all of that, presents us with a few choice candidates, we have always found at least one if not more candidates (the first time it was 3 out of 4) to hire immediately and they have jumped in and helped us immensely.”

This client continues to work closely with Stratacuity and several recruiters on the contract placement team to meet their hiring goals. He says, “Stratacuity is our go-to group for excellent candidates with the right attitude.  We have hired 8 candidates over the last year.  We have not been disappointed with any of the candidates and are gearing to hire more in the coming weeks & months.  Having the ability to call Stratacuity and have qualified candidates presented to us within days provides great flexibility in our hiring needs and productive output.”