An early stage, high growth novel Biotherapeutics company in the Greater Boston area found themselves in the perfect position to partner with a single vendor to facilitate massive growth expectations and manage all contract labor to ensure a common experience among all their contract employees.

“I chose to work with Stratacuity because I trust them…They are willing to have honest conversations… I have worked with Stratacuity for 10+ years and heard about them based on their positive reputation among my peers and colleagues within the industry.” Said the Director of HR. “Given that I had previous experience with Stratacuity, and that they had already demonstrated success at my present company by developing good relationships with hiring managers, it was a no-brainer decision.”

Our team of contractor recruiters, as well as our managing director, worked hand in hand with this client’s HR department and hiring managers to make sure all hiring goals are exceeded and done with transparency and open communication. “They have been able to find us some great people in a competitive market.   We have hired several of them full-time after demonstrating their capabilities.   One of the biggest measures of their success is that they have been able to attract people out of full-time roles elsewhere to pursue contract opportunities here.  It shows that they really understand our story and value proposition.”