A biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of antibody-drug conjugate therapies for cancer patients faced significant turnover and lost several key team members in a short period of time. They turned to Stratacuity for assistance in rebuilding their team with analytical development leadership and technical expertise for a complex drug substance and drug product.

Stratacuity utilized our proven recruiting and screening process and deep network of qualified industry professionals to identify strong candidates for the Director of Drug Linker Analytics and Sr. Director of ADC Analytics roles. Both hires were a great fit for the company’s culture and provided critical expertise to help rebuild the team. Although the Sr. Scientist role did not result in a hire, the candidates Stratacuity introduced were essential for comparison and helped the company make the decision to hire their own internal referred candidate.

The client was appreciative of Stratacuity’s diligent follow-through on the critical Director and Sr. Director hires, which were essential to rebuilding the team. Thanks to Stratacuity’s assistance, the company was able to rebuild a more cohesive team with the necessary technical expertise and culture fit to drive their research and clinical development efforts forward to get the much-needed therapies in the hands of patients who need them.