We are delighted to share a success story in filling the VP, Cancer Biology and Immunology position in where Stratacuity played a pivotal role.

With a focus on cancer and inflammation, we were searching for an exceptional individual with a strong background in cancer drug discovery and immunology. Additionally, we needed someone well-versed in interacting with regulatory bodies and filing INDs, as our goal was to find someone that could move our clients program towards the clinic.

Stratacuity diligently undertook the recruitment process, leveraging our extensive network and expertise in the industry. Through our thorough evaluation and screening, we presented nine outstanding candidates who met the stringent criteria. Each candidate possessed a unique combination of skills, and a strong understanding of collaborating across diverse teams.  After meticulous evaluation and interviews, our client was able to identify the perfect fit for their organization. The selected candidate brought a wealth of experience and a proven track record in cancer drug discovery and immunology. Their previous roles in both pharma and biotech allowed them to seamlessly adapt to our clients fast-paced and ultra focused environment. The candidate’s ability to work collaboratively, lead teams effectively, and navigate the regulatory requirements made them the ideal leader.

Stratacuity’s involvement in the recruitment process ensured that we found a highly qualified candidate who exceeded our clients expectations. Stratacuity’s expertise and dedication in identifying top talent were invaluable to the search, and we are grateful for the partnership and open communication to guide us in securing the right individual for this crucial role.

Moving forward, we are excited the hire ended up with an Executive title and we are confident that they will drive our clients research programs forward and contribute significantly to the development of new small molecules that target cellular transporters.