A CRO that specializes in providing protein and gene analytics services for the biopharmaceutical, cell, and gene therapy industries needed assistance in finding the right candidates for their multiple lab-centric roles. They needed the right recruiting partner to help prioritize their needs and identify qualified individuals for their team.

 Stratacuity partnered with the client to provide staffing and recruiting solutions. We leveraged our vast network and deep knowledge of the life sciences industry to identify and recruit candidates with niche skills that were required for the lab-centric roles. We identified top-notch candidates in Next Generation Sequencing, Analytical Development, Mass Spectrometry, Cellular Biology, Physical Chemistry, and Quality Assurance, ensuring that our client had the best possible team to support their growth. Through our services, Stratacuity successfully and promptly made 9 quality hires for the CRO to allow them to meet their timelines.

The new team members were able to help the CRO build out their Analytical, Physical Chemistry, and Cell &Gene Therapy Divisions in their new lab space. The CRO became one of Stratacuity’stop relationships in 2022, and the collaboration proved to be a successful one. The CRO expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the hires, stating that the new team members were “superstars” in their respective groups. Overall, Stratacuity was able to provide staffing and recruiting solutions to help the CRO achieve their growth milestones, showcasing their expertise and commitment to finding the best candidates for their clients.