Meet Kevin Rees Account Manager/Recruiter - R&D


Kevin is a highly accomplished Account Manager with a proven track record in Research and Development-focused scientific placements. At Stratacuity, he has built several R&D teams within Boston’s biotech and pharmaceutical industries, successfully leading a team of recruiters, and providing strategic guidance. Prior to that, he served as Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at a leading Boston biotech company, where he expanded the team that helped advance research into novel T cell therapies for cancer patients.

Kevin’s deep understanding of the hiring process and passion for making a meaningful impact on the lives of patients continues to motivate him. As such, he is committed to providing biotech and pharmaceutical companies with top-tier talent to drive their continued growth and success. His extensive industry knowledge and network positions him as an invaluable resource for these organizations.

Outside of work, Kevin spends splits his free time between the golf course and his recording studio, while making occasional availability for family and friends.