Adrian Mok
Adrian Mok Account Manager- Stratacuity West
Aimee Turcotte
Aimee Turcotte Head of Delivery & Operations- Stratacuity East
Alec DePauw
Alec DePauw Technical Recruiter-Stratacuity West
Alex Temple
Alex Temple Associate, Discovery & Preclinical, Permanent Placement
Ali Manuel
Ali Manuel Account Manager- Stratacuity West
Allie Weidman
Allie Weidman Associate, Clinical Operations
Amanda Sobel
Amanda Sobel Client Partner / Recruiter
Amber Pavone
Amber Pavone MSP Program Manager
Andrew Chan
Andrew Chan Client Partner
Baher Rizkalla
Baher Rizkalla Vice President | Principal- Stratacuity West
Ben Bridell
Ben Bridell Account Manager-Stratacuity West
Bill Lindmark
Bill Lindmark Client Partner- Stratacuity West
Brian Croskey
Brian Croskey Senior Account Manager- Stratacuity West
Chad MacDonald
Chad MacDonald Associate, Clinical & Regulatory Placement
Chris Clancy
Chris Clancy Director, Discovery & Preclinical, Permanent Placement
Conner Riley
Conner Riley Senior Account Manager- Stratacuity West
Danny Hagenbuch
Danny Hagenbuch Client Partner / Recruiter
Denise Gilbrech
Denise Gilbrech Senior Professional Recruiter-Stratacuity West
Erik Rocheford
Erik Rocheford Director Business Development
Hannah Tunstall, MS
Hannah Tunstall Associate, Clinical Placement
Holly Smith
Holly Smith Associate, Technical Operations, Permanent Placement
Jeff D'Italia
Jeff D'Italia Vice President- Stratacuity East
Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher Sales Director- Stratacuity West
Jennifer Price
Jennifer Price Senior Director, Clinical & Regulatory, Permanent Placement
Joan O'Neill
Joan O'Neill Associate, Discovery & Preclinical Placement
John Vislosky
John Vislosky Client Partner- Stratacuity New York Metro
Justin Wegnes
Justin Wegnes Delivery Team Lead-Stratacuity West
Kevin Rees
Kevin Rees Associate, Tech Ops, Clinical, Regulatory, Quality & Manufacturing Placement
Kristen Kerouac
Kristen Kerouac Associate, Technical Operations & Regulatory Contract Placement
Kwinh Pham
Kwinh Pham Recruiter
Lexie Bonestroo
Lexie Bonestroo Account Manager- Stratacuity West
Macy Miller
Macy Miller Senior Professional Recruiter
Myles Donahue
Myles Donahue Senior Account Manager- Stratacuity West
Nancy Nguyen
Nancy Nguyen Technical Recruiter-Stratacuity West
Nick Deal
Nick Deal Client Partner
Peter Manzo, MS
Peter Manzo Account Manager- Stratacuity West
Ryan March
Ryan March Client Partner / Recruiter
Samantha Varrell
Samantha Varrell Business Operations Specialist
Seamus Webb
Seamus Webb Associate, Technical Operations, R&D Contract Placement
Shannon Phan
Shannon Phan Account Manager- Stratacuity West
Stephanie Scheipers
Stephanie Scheipers Associate, Clinical & Regulatory Placement
Susi MacDonald
Susi MacDonald Director of Marketing & Communications
Todd Jamison
Todd Jamison Director, Technical Operations, Permanent Placement