Chemistry is everything.

Successful scientific hiring is about bonding at the interpersonal level.


Exceptional scientists discover cures. We discover exceptional scientists.

In-depth research requires a dedicated search first.

See why our RETAINED SERVICES may be right for you.

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Add extra heads
to your project ...
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to your company.

Bolster your staff with contract or temporary help. SEE HOW.

Contract Services

Augment full-time “permanent” staff without adding headcount to your organization. This option is ideal for time sensitive endeavors that require specific skills and industry knowledge to hit the ground running for flexible lengths of time. Our firm handles the benefits, payroll taxes and cost of employment to quickly facilitate quality hires for a flexible time frame.

Contingency Services

For contingency placement, StratAcuity will source, screen and prepare a shortlist of candidates for the permanent position you wish to fill. We will research, identify, recruit and present exceptional talent to you. Our recruitment agency fees are due only after your chosen candidate has decided to join your organization—so you pay only when you get the results you demand.

Retained Services

If you need proven talent to meet your goals, you should work with a biotech recruitment firm with the proven talent to find just the right person. With StratAcuity’s retained services, you get an entire and proactive team focused on your needs. Our retained services are ideal for mission-critical, executive-level or confidential assignments.

At StratAcuity, a leading life sciences recruitment and staffing firm, with offices serving both Boston-area and San Diego biopharmaceutical firms, we understand that the right hire can be the catalyst to the next breakthrough. That's why the process to find the right candidate should be as meticulous as the science we serve. More than a mere collection of credentials, a successful search must match the candidate's drivers to the company's opportunity.

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